Part 2 of the photoshoot with Stefanie and Franky: In the controlled environment of a studio...  


Stefanie and Franky

July 22, 2015

 Blessed with a warm and beautiful day, the settings were perfect to capture the "joie de vivre", the love and passion of our lovely couple, Stephanie and Franky. Here are some of the results...  


It was a beautiful autumn day, where the weather, temperature and mood was perfect for our lovely couple's engagement shoot. 


Ruidi and Chao: Not many people choose to get married in December, but Ruidi and Chao did, in their own, simple but sweet way...

Fei Sha and Paul's Pre-wedding / Engagement shoot


Jour de mariage de Michelle et Sébastien /  Wedding day of Michelle and Sébastien

Still around

June 27, 2015

Although we seriously are lacking in the update department, we are still well and alive. We are still in business, providing customers with the best wedding photography experience at the lowest possible price. Stay tuned for portfolio updates! :)


Michelle and Sebastien's after wedding (or trash the dress) photoshoot. 

Milena & Diego part 2

February 16, 2014


The second part of the photo shoot, this time, inside, where it's warm and comfortable....

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