Milena & Diego

February 12, 2014

While others prefer hiding in the warmth and comfort of their home, Milena and Diego decided it would be the perfect setting to take photos...

October 14 2012 will mark the day when two lovebirds, Y Na Liu and Tieu-Hung Ngo exchange their vows. To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness and riches. May they never lose sight of this precious treasure in all their days together.

Winter is usually the calm season for wedding photographers, but it doesn't have to be...

The fact is, with a keen photographer eye and fantastic models, photos can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Don't believe us? Have a look...

Our services

January 05, 2014

If you read the story of our wedding, then you know how we feel about the services local wedding photographers provide. Based on what we learned from our experience and stories gathered from relatives and friends, we build our offer to be the most comprehensive wedding photography service at a budget friendly price. 

What we offer:

  • 1 photoshoot (before or after the wedding)
  • 1 Signature scroll
  • 2 Photographers to cover the day, from beginning to end
  • 1 print technician for the photobooth (2 hours)
  • ALL good photos (often 1000+) will go through basic corrections and will all be delivered in the highest definition we can provide.
  • 1 Majestic Album
  • 1 Photo site for your friends to enjoy your photos

In other words, we offer you what we wished we would have been offered...


First, we'd like to congratulate Karen and Trung on the first day of their wonderful partnership throught life. We hope they enjoyed their wedding day and will always remember that the love they share is truly a beautiful thing. 

Photographers: Patrick Lemay and Zymba Vong 

Just finished shooting Karen and Trung's wedding. Photos should be out in a few weeks, so stay tuned and check back often.

Next stop: Delhi, India for Gurjeet and Honey's wedding!

You asked your photographer if he would retouch your photos, he said yes, so now, you can be at ease, knowing that any imperfection will be corrected by the photographer, right? Well, maybe not... Have you asked the photographer what he meant by correcting the photos? When he answered you, did you really understand or did you pretend you knew what he was talking about, in hopes of deceiving him into thinking you were knowledgeable, thus not a good target to lie to?


Perhaps a little introduction (or refresher) on what the different types of Photoshop work may be useful...

C'était par une journée chaude ensoleillée que Sophie et Patrick se sont mariés. La journée était idéale pour se promener au verger JudePomme, où notre couple amoureux ont décidé de s'unir par les liens du mariage.

Photographes: Patrick Lemay and Zymba Vong 

Une fois le mariage terminé, nous avons décidé de faire une session "trash the dress". Ni moi, ni Myriam étions chaud à l'idée de détruire la robe de mariée, mais cela ne nous a pas empêché de prendre quelques clichés un peu moins classique...

Le 11 Août 2012 était une journée plutôt nuageuse, sauf si vous étiez à la Cabane à Sucre Lalande, ou Myriam et Jean-Christian ont décidé d’unir leurs destinés.

Malgré la menace d’orages violents pendant la journée, la joie de vivre de ces deux tourtereaux a su égayer cette journée autrement grise.

Faut croire que Myriam et Jean-Christian ont été bénis par Dame Nature puisque cette dernière n’a laissé aller ses orages que lorsque pendant la réception, alors que tous les invités furent entrés dans la salle de réception, bien au sec. 

Nous avons même eu droit a de magnifiques arc-en-ciels... 

Photographes: Patrick Lemay et Zymba Vong 

October 14 2012 seemed like any typical autumn day: temperature was a cool 10 degrees Celsius, sky was cloudy with the thread of rain lingering. But that day was anything but normal, as it was the day Y Na and Tieu exchanged their vows, warming the heart of their family and friends.

October 14 2012 will mark the day when two lovebirds, Y Na Liu and Tieu-Hung Ngo exchange their vows. To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness and riches. May they never lose sight of this precious treasure in all their days together.

October 08 2012 Engagement shoot: Wun Chhi and I have been childhood friends practically since we were born. I am sincerely happy that Wun Chhi and her prince charming, François Hoàng Tâm Phạm, have found each other.Falling in love is the most wonderful gift life has to offer. I wish for their engagement to be the beginning of a life together full of wonder, warmth and laughter. Congratulations! 


One of the main characteristics that defines our team from other photographers is that my wife Yen and I understand exactly how you feel right now, because we have been in your shoes.

We got my introduction to wedding photography like many of you: as a paying customer that knew very little about photography. We had done our research and chose what we thought would be the best options but at the end, we were unhappy.

Why were we unhappy? Read our story...


The least mentioned (or hidden) reason why wedding photography is so expensive is...

because there are people willing to pay the price

There are many valid reasons explaining the price of wedding photography. No sane wedding photographer would ever put this in writing, but one the seldom cited reason for the pricing is the effect from the law of supply and demand.

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